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3W Clinic Collagen & Luxury 24K Gold Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule 100ml

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The best anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ampoule available in the market. Use it and your skin will become visibly clear and younger-looking.
  1. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser.
  2. Pat dry your skin.
  3. Apply moisturizer.
  4. At the last step of your skincare routine use this ampule.
 Main Ingredients: Collagen & 24K Gold
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What is 3W Clinic Ampoule?

3W Clinic Collagen & Luxury 24K Gold Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule is a miracle beauty product with collagen & 24K gold. It makes your damaged skin healthy and revitalizes dull skin. It also increases collagen production that can reduce wrinkles on your face thus making your face look younger and supple. Also known as the best anti-aging ampoule.

How collagen works for skin:

One of the key components of your bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments is a protein called collagen. Our skin’s ability to resist drooping and maintain its youthful plumpness is due to collagen. Collagen is produced by your body naturally, but as you get older, less of it is produced. We start to lose collagen gradually around our mid-20s. In the first five years of menopause, women can lose up to 30% of their collagen production. Many people use collagen supplements as part of their anti-aging cosmetic routine because we lose collagen as we age.

Does gold make the skin better?

Gold has illuminating qualities that give skin a dazzling appearance. This is due to the fact that gold particles may reflect light, giving the skin a more radiant appearance. Our ability to produce collagen and elastin tends to decline as we age. This may raise concerns for some people because it can result in more obvious aging symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles. The gold used in the formulation of 3W Clinic Ampoule is known to help fight the visible symptoms of collagen and elastin loss on the skin’s surface.


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