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What is a Highlighter in Makeup

The most important item in your makeup kit is the highlighter. This is so that the highlighter can really step up your beauty game. The device, which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms, is intended to draw attention to the high points of your face such as the bridge of your nose, the top of your forehead, and the high points of your cheeks. It wouldn’t be incorrect to claim that it is just as significant as a blush.

Forms of Highlighters

The highlighter comes in many forms. Here are some common types of highlighters:

Liquid Highlighter: Because even a tiny drop of liquid highlighter has a lot of colors, it can be blinding. However, when used correctly, liquid highlighters can give you the current “glow-from-within” appearance. In fact, because it quickly absorbs into your skin when you combine a drop or two with your moisturizer, it works fantastically.

Powder Highlighter: Except that they are sparkly, powder highlighters resemble compact powders almost exactly. They are less pigmented than their liquid equivalent and are available as pressed powder. Apply a fan brush stroke to the highest areas of your face; we promise it will create dimension and make your face glow.

Stick Highlighter: These are the easiest to use because they focus on the key features of your face, resulting in a precise application. Additionally, they can get to those tiny, challenging places on your face like the inside corners of your eyes or the area behind your brow bones. Additionally, it requires little blending and is portable.

Loose Powder Highlighter: They come in boxes and have a texture close to loose face powder for setting. They must be used carefully because they can leak quite easily. However, they serve as a fantastic substitute for body highlighting; all you have to do is take your brush, swirl it around, and apply as required.

Buy Perfect Highlighter Shades for Your Skin

If you don’t start out right when applying makeup, it won’t end well, or at least not the way you wanted it to. As a result, we must carefully choose colors that complement our skin tones. Here’s how to choose and buy the ideal highlighter color for your skin tone.

For Fair Skin Tones: Choose highlighters with an icy silver, champagne sheen, or even pearly appearance for people with paler and fairer complexion tones. It assists in giving your skin the ideal amount of radiance. Instead of choosing colors with warm undertones like golden, choose ones with pinky-peach undertones.

For Medium Skin Tones: Choose bronzy highlighters or those with iridescent undertones since they will give you a sun-kissed, bronzed look in addition to adding a flush of color to your face and allowing you to skip your blush.

For Dark Skin Tones: Choose rose-gold undertoned colors rather than cold ones because the latter will make you look lifeless. To highlight your features, keep your attention on warm tones.

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Highlighter Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Technic Highlighter Wand ৳ 470
Wet n Wild MegaGlo Liquid Highlighter – Halo Goodbye ৳ 650
Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder- Blossom Glow ৳ 550