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What is Lip Liner

Lip liner is a very essential yet underrated product in the makeup kit. Those who wear makeup regularly, even if they use this product every day, but many women rush out with only lipstick. But we all know how important lip liner is to define the shape of the lips. Let’s know how to use lip liner

The Correct Method Of Using Lip Liner

Step-1: While drawing the lip line, we usually use a lip liner that is a little darker or the shade of the lipstick. But makeup artists say, first, you draw a lip line with a nude shade liner (proper ways to use lip liner). In fact, we draw the lip line at the very last stage of makeup. In that case, if there are many mistakes, they must be deleted again and again. It will play twelve of the makeup around the lips. Nude shade liners don’t have this problem.

Step-2: Apply lip liner once after applying lipstick. If you smudge a little while applying lipstick, it can be covered again with a lip liner. Also, if you can draw a lip liner of almost the same shade over the lipstick, the shape of the lips looks more beautiful. The lip liner is a matte finish so the line is clear.

Step-3: Don’t accidentally draw the lip line with a blunt lip liner. It will not be drawn correctly, on the contrary, everything will be wrong. And don’t sharpen the lip liner with a pencil sharpener. Because, the blade of that sharpener already has a whistle or lead, which is not good for lips. Keep a separate sharpener for the lip liner. Wipe it with a cloth after each use.

Step-4: Depending on the shape of your lower lip, drawing the upper lip line is important. Because the lower lip repair area is less. So while maintaining the natural lip line of the lower lip, thin-plump the upper lip accordingly. However, if the difference between the two lips is too much, first fix the primer and draw the lip line.

Step-5: With the Lip Lineup of Nude Shades you can draw new lines beyond the lip line. But never use a slightly darker shade of lip liner outside the lip line. It will look awkward.

Step-6: Make lip shadow with lip liner. I mean, you drew the lip line. Then fill the lips with that liner. In this case, the middle of the upper lip and the two corners of the lips should be filled more. Apply lipstick on it. Only then will you see how it all comes together. But apply the lipstick with a brush, don’t rub the lipstick directly on the lips.

Lip Liner Buying Guides

If you are unsure about which lip color is ideal for you, We recommend sticking to the same color family as your present lip colors. As an example:

If your existing lipstick is red, use a red lip liner because the colors will clash if you use a pink liner. The liner and lipstick don’t have to be the same color but keep within the same shade family to avoid any odd looks. You could also consider studying your skin’s undertones in order to select the best lip liners for your complexion.

☛ Lip liners with blue or purple undertones are best for cool skin tones.

☛ Warm lip liner colors, such as peaches and oranges, should be considered for warm skin tones.

☛ Consider what you like best for a neutral skin tone, as most colors will look fine on your complexion.

An invisible lip liner can also be used. You won’t have to worry about it matching or blending with your favorite lipsticks. Applying it before applying lipstick will reduce bleeding, feathering, and smearing.

Lip Liner Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Jordana Lip Liner ৳ 100