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Pregnancy Skin Care Stretch Marks Cream

Maternity scars are a normal thing. Women who become pregnant develop a skin tear on their abdomen due to the pressure of the belly, and it remains after the baby is born.

Such spots are inevitable during pregnancy. The uterus enlarges to make room for the growing belly, and the skin around the belly stretches. As a result of such stretching of the skin, when the skin breaks, a kind of white spot is formed, and the collagen of the skin cannot fill the break.

This results in the formation of long scars. There are certain hormones that work to keep tension from bursting. Even if the production of those hormones in the body is low, these spots are still there.

These spots can appear not only on obese or overweight people, but also on very thin people. In this case, men can also be seen with red, blue, and finally cracked spots.

Many types of scars are seen before the baby is born. But there may be some genetic reason behind it.

Five ways to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks

After the birth of the baby, many mothers have long stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen. which, to some extent, disturbs the beauty and distresses the mothers. However, if you are cautious during pregnancy, you can maintain your spotless stomach.

Woman’s Stomach

A mother carries her child for about 40 weeks with two liters of water. Moreover, the size of the uterus is 20 times larger than before. But women’s abdominal skin tissue is made in such a way that it can gradually become loose or enlarged like rubber.

This is the reason

As the size of the baby in the womb grows, so does the belly. As a result, the stomach naturally becomes tense. It causes a rash on the abdomen that is initially red and then turns blue. These spots usually appear on the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks before the baby is born. But that is not the case with everyone. There may be some genetic reasons behind it.

What to do to keep the stomach free of blemishes

Eat a healthy diet while pregnant. That is, the list of foods should include grain foods, fish, and various vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and foods containing vitamins “E” and “C.” Also, drink sugar free tea and plenty of water.

Regular Walking: Walking improves blood circulation in the body. As a result, the skin can be protected from scarring. Pregnant women can do light exercises like ‘yoga’ or yoga exercises But swimming especially helps keep mother and baby healthy.

‘Cold-Hot’ Shower: First cold, then hot, then cold again—taking a shower in this way improves blood circulation in the skin. This needs to be done from the beginning. While taking a bath every day, take a cold-hot-cold water shower on the stomach, hips, thighs, and breasts separately. Remember to finish the bath with a splash of cold water If you massage the body lightly during the bath, there is less risk of skin scarring.

Applying massage oil or a high-quality cream: The practice of massaging pregnant women with oil or cream on their stomachs has been going on for a long time in Asian countries to make the birth of the baby easier. Tania Franz, a German pharmacist, recommends massaging unscented almond oil into and around the abdomen twice daily. because almond oil keeps the skin smooth and beautiful.

Massage slowly: Take the oil in your hands and slowly massage it, starting from the navel and working around the abdomen. It should be remembered that the stomach should not be pressured in any way. After a while, very gently rotate from the navel upwards with just the thumb and forefinger. Tanya said, if regular care is taken in this way, it is possible to keep the stomach free of blemishes, even if not 100%.

Price of Stretch Mark Cream in Bangladesh

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