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What is a Compact or Pressed Powder

One of the top makeup items on the market right now is pressed powder. It’s simple to transport in your bag because it’s packaged as a solid block. The majority of the time, compact powders include their own cushion to make application easier. If a beauty brush is more comfortable for you, you can still use it to apply compact powder. Compact powders have a lightweight, powdery texture in terms of the product’s consistency. The product, designed to be put on top of the foundation, is frequently used to touch up makeup throughout the day. Only utilizing pressed powder for your base is OK if you don’t frequently wear foundation or concealer.

Benefits of Using a Compact Powder

There are several benefits of using a Compact Powder. A compact powder occupies a specific place and shouldn’t be missed, just like all the other makeup products.

Events out Skin Tone: You can get an even skin tone using a compact powder. Applying some compact powder might work great if you want to keep your makeup simple and only want to even out your face. On the other hand, if you choose to wear a lot of makeup, a compact powder can be used to blend all the products you have applied to your skin, such as foundation, concealer, and color corrector. Your skin will appear more even and smooth when you use a compact powder.

Works as a Makeup Fix: We do so many mistakes when applying our makeup, such as using a foundation that is the wrong color for our skin tone or using too much blush. All such faults can be fixed by dabbing some compact powder.

Keeps Your Makeup Stay Longer: Make use of a compact powder if you want your makeup to last longer. By putting all of the things that will be used, the base is kept from moving. The compact powder keeps your makeup in place longer. You also won’t need to frequently touch up your makeup because of this.

Absorbs Oil: It is difficult to get makeup to stay on oily skin. Oil may quickly damage your makeup. If you have oily skin and don’t set your makeup with a compact powder, you have a chance of looking awful. Your entire makeup might melt in oil. Applying the compact powder to your skin can assist to absorb extra oil. Compact powders also help to give your face a matte finish that lasts for several hours and keeps shine at bay.

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Compact Powder Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Miss & Mrs Compact Powder ৳ 550
W7 Micro Matte Fix Face Powder ৳ 550
J.Cat Beauty Face Powder- Ivory 102 ৳ 520
Super Stay Full Coverage Powder Foundation-130 ৳ 1,250
L.A Girl Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder Classic Ivory GPP602 ৳ 600