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What is Eyeshadow

Once upon a time, Kajol lines were used as eye makeup. Today there is a place for eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and many more! However, those who do not have the habit of regular makeup, often get into trouble while wearing eyeshadow. Sometimes the color is too dark, sometimes doesn’t blend properly, and sometimes clumps awkwardly in the eye creases! As a result, the soil is the whole outfit!

Do you also face the same problem while wearing eyeshadow? Then keep in mind some rules for wearing eyeshadow. It will make applying eyeshadow much easier in the future.

Best Eyeshadow Palette

  • Technic eyeshadow palette
  • Revolution eyeshadow palette
  • Focallure 
  • Romantic bird
  • Mac
  • Huda beauty
  • Morphe
  • Beauty glazed
  • Colourpop
  • Miss rose
  • Wet n wild
  • Jaclyn hill
  • W7

Before Applying Eyeshadow Keep in Mind

1) A lot depends on what kind of eyeshadow you’re wearing. If it’s a cream eyeshadow, apply it to the eyelids with a brush or with your fingers. If you are not used to it, it will be convenient to apply it with your fingers rather than a brush. Then remove the excess color with a clean brush or another finger.

2) Applying eyeshadow with a brush? At least three brushes should be on hand. Apply with one brush, brush off excess shadow with another and blend with number three.

3) Before starting eye makeup, clean the area around the eyes. No residue of old kajal or makeup should remain. Soak a cotton pad in micellar water and gently wipe around the eyes. Then apply eye cream around and wait for five-seven minutes, then start eye makeup.

4) Apply an eye primer on the upper eyelid first before applying eyeshadow. That will set the shadow properly. After applying the primer, close your eyes and let it dry completely. Then start applying eyeshadow.

5) Wearing powder eyeshadow? Apply shadow with a medium to large brush. Blending will be good, you will get a very soft magical look.

6) If you want to do smokey eye makeup, do the eye makeup first, then make the base of the rest of the face. If the eye makeup is done first, the base will not be ruined by the shadows falling on the face.

7) You can apply disposable eye patches under the eyes while applying eye makeup. That way you can avoid any kind of spillover.

8) Want smokey makeup under the eyes? Use a flat brush, the color will spread better.

9) You can also wear powder eyeshadow mixed with cream or liquid eyeshadow. In that case, apply liquid or cream shadow first, then apply powder shadow on top. Eye makeup stays put for a long time if powder shadow is on top.

Best Eyeshadow Price In Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Technic Pressed Glitter Palette – Mermaid ৳ 950
Technic Persuasion Pressed Pigment Palette ৳ 750