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What is Face Primer

Makeup primers are a gel, cream, or liquid formula that, when smoothed over your skin, fills in any small creases, large pores, flaky patches, and bumpy textures, leaving nothing but a smooth surface for your makeup to glide over. As a result, your concealer or foundation, for example, won’t stick to any dry patches, settle into any creases, or cake up around any acne scars.

Benefits of Face Primer

Controls Sebum Production: For starters, if you have oily or mixed skin, a primer is a great option. This is due to the silicone that is present in most primers, which creates a film on your skin to stop sweat and oil from interacting with your makeup and spoiling it. A primer’s mattifying qualities absorb extra oil, reducing shine and giving your makeup a lovely matte look. Try out Makeup Revolution Hydrate Primer, one of our top-selling face primers.

Creates a Smooth Skin for Applying Makeup: Since primers create a layer on top of your skin, they are excellent for hiding pores and other minor flaws like uneven skin texture and pimples. This improves the appearance of your skin by smoothing it out. Additionally, this implies that your makeup tends to apply much more smoothly and settle to a finish that is remarkably similar to that of the skin. To achieve a perfect look you can buy Makeup Revolution Glass Skin Primer.

Makes your Makeup Last Longer: Since primers typically manage excess oil and perspiration, they keep your makeup in place for hours at a time. Face primers provide your foundation a surface to adhere to and stop the natural oils produced by your skin from dissolving the makeup. This is what enables your makeup to last for several hours without the need for touch-ups. If you want to make your makeup last longer then we suggest you buy Technic Smoothing Primer.

Makes Your Makeup Pop: To bring out the real colors of the products and make them appear much more pigmented, simply use your face primer on your lips or eyes. You now know what to do if you ever feel like your eyeshadow isn’t quite as pigmented on your eyes as it appears on the palette.

Types of Face Primer You Can Buy from Beautysiaa

Mattifying Primer: The ideal option for you if you have oily or mixed skin is a mattifying primer. The silicones in this primer form a barrier between your skin and your makeup. This not only limits excessive oil production but also lessens the visibility of pores so that your makeup can be applied smoothly.

Tinted Primers: A tinted primer is your best bet if you want to hide flaws and balance out your skin tone. These primers have a subtle tint to them, which helps to counteract skin discoloration and balance out skin tone and imperfections.

Color Correcting Primers: A color-correcting primer is perfect for you if you have pigmentation, redness, or dark bags under your eyes. For pigmentation and dark circles, use an orange corrector; for inflammation and redness, use a green corrector; and for dull skin, use a purple or yellow corrector.

Moisturizing Primers: A moisturizing primer ought to be perfect for those of you seeking multi-tasking items that save time and money. These provide your skin with an extra layer of hydration and keep it feeling and looking soft all day.

Face Primer Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Technic Primer Spray 31ml ৳ 550
Wet n Wild Prime Focus Hydrating Primer Serum ৳ 560
Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore-Minimizing Face Primer ৳ 790
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Matte Face Primer -25 mL ৳ 590
Technic Smoothing Primer ৳ 460
Wet n Wild Prime Focus Impossible Primer – 25mL ৳ 540