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Who doesn’t like plump, juicy lips like an orange? And for that you need lipstick and also lip gloss. In between, the demand for lip gloss dropped considerably, and liquid lipsticks took over. But as strong as the allure of liquid lipstick is, lip gloss is making a comeback almost at par. Those who don’t like the bright colors of liquid lipstick, opt for the soft shine of lip gloss. Lip gloss is also very useful to cover the dryness of matte lipstick! And if we talk about the latest beauty trends, lip gloss is going to make a big comeback this year!

If you’ve been thinking about adding lip gloss to your makeup kit, take a quick look at some of the details.

How to choose lip gloss?

It is best to buy transparent lip gloss, which can be worn over any lipstick. If you want a hint of color, you can buy tinted gloss. But it is better not to wear dark colored gloss. Dark gloss will smudge very quickly and ruin your look.

How to prepare lips before applying lip gloss?

After the lip gloss sets on the lips, the lip lines and grooves become very apparent. So if your lips are chapped, then the chapping will also be visible! So before applying lip gloss, exfoliate the lips to remove the dead skin so that the lips become smooth.

Is it necessary to apply lip balm before wearing lip gloss?

Applying light oil on the lips has the same effect as the lip gloss. So just wearing lip gloss can make your lips tan. So before wearing lip gloss, you must wear lip balm with SPF on your lips.

Do not rub your lips after applying lip gloss

We all have the habit of rubbing our upper and lower lips together after applying lipstick. But this habit should not be followed when wearing lip gloss. Because the lip gloss will move and freeze on the edges of the lips, and the edges of the lips will remain uncovered.

Lip Gloss Price in Bangladesh

Nicka K True Matte Lip Gloss                                 345