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What is Contour

Specific facial features, such as higher cheekbones, a more defined chin or jaw, or a thinner bridge of your nose or sides of your nose, can be enhanced and emphasized with contour makeup. Instead of using your regular foundation, which should be the same hue as your natural skin tone, contouring uses lighter and darker colors to provide shadow and light to your facial features.

Steps To Master Contour Makeup

Prep Your Base: To prepare your face for contouring, start by giving it a blank slate. If you haven’t already, take off any remaining makeup, then wash your face completely and gently. When it’s time in your beauty routine to eliminate any buildup of dead skin, pat your face dry and exfoliate. Apply your skincare items next as usual.

Apply Foundation: Whether you should apply your foundation first or last for your contour makeup depends on your own preference. To ensure that your complexion is evened out and that you are laying a beautiful foundation for you to contour, it is recommended to go ahead and use your standard foundation formula for your skin tone.

Decide Where to Apply: Make a plan for determining which facial features you want to emphasize and which you want to soften after using your regular foundation color and concealer, if necessary. The jawline, the nose, the top of your cheekbones or cheek hollows, or the temple region are a few of the most well-liked locations.

Apply Bronzer: Generally speaking, it is recommended to use a foundation or bronzer that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Darker colors will aid in detracting attention from parts you don’t want to emphasize.

Apply Highlighter: Your preferred facial features will be brought to attention by using a highlighter or foundation in a lighter tone. The face’s natural light-reflecting features, such as the nose, cupid’s bow, brow bone, cheekbones, and forehead, are highlighted.

Blend Well: To give your entire look a perfect, even appearance, softly sweep back and forth with whichever blending brush or makeup sponge you happen to have in your possession. Ensure thorough yet gentle mixing. There’s no need to be rough with your brush or sponge or to use excessive pressure.

What Contour Color Should You Use Depending on Your Skin Tone

Your natural skin tone will determine the best contour shade for you, emphasizing some features while masking others.

Fair Skin Tone: For people with fair skin tones, finding it might be difficult because they tend to grow too dark too quickly. You should be alright if you choose a foundation and bronzer hue that is only a few shades darker than your go-to everyday foundation.

Medium Skin Tone: The product color selection is substantially more flexible if you have a medium or tan skin tone. Take your time when selecting your colors and make sure your chosen products won’t leave any obvious foundation lines, though.

Dark Skin Tone: Your highlighter hue will be your best buddy if you have dark or deep skin because it will give your preferred facial features definition and natural-looking highlights.

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