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What is a Hair Mask

A hair mask is similar to a face mask, except it is applied to your hair. It’s like an intensive conditioner that soaks and covers your hair, giving it the boost it needs to get better and stronger – whether it’s dry, heat-damaged, chemically colored, curly, or simply aging. Most hair masks contain more concentrated amounts of rich nutrients like natural oils and butters than regular conditioners. Not to mention that a hair mask can be left on for a lengthy amount of time, from three minutes to overnight. Even if your hair is typically healthy, the change of the seasons might be especially harsh on your strands, indicating that a hair mask is in need.

Benefits of Using Hair Mask

Adds Shine & Smoothness to Hair: It’s high time to protect your hair and add a touch of smoothness and natural shine to it. As a result, including a hair mask in your regimen is an excellent choice. Hair masks have the capacity to strengthen your hair strands, moisturize parched hair, and reduce frizz.

Controls Hair Damage: Excessive heat and the use of harsh hair dyes harm the hair and cause split ends. Hair masks hydrate your hair from the tips to the roots while also protecting it against breakage, split ends, and external damage. To heal damaged hair, you must use a hair mask every time you wash it. Everyday styling and having a fantastic hair day will never end.

Prevents Frizzy Hair: Hair masks are ideal for controlling frizzy hair. You can undertake a hair spa at home with the help of hair masks. It provides intense hydration, making your hair more subtle and solid at the roots, as well as adding gloss. A hair mask produces a protective layer on your hair, preventing additional nourishment loss. It keeps moisture in and prevents frizziness.

Strengthens and Elongates the Hair: Outer radiance may not always imply inner power. A hair mask fortifies the hair while also making the scalp healthier. Hair masks, unlike shampoo and conditioner, can go deeper into your hair strands to prevent breakage, treat damaged hair, add natural shine, and enhance hair elasticity.

Adds Volume to Hair: Who doesn’t want their hair to be bouncy and flippy? Hair masks moisturize your hair while also adding volume to it. Dehydrated hair is prone to split ends, dandruff, thinning and breakage, and other problems.

Buy the Best Hair Mask from Beautysiaa

We have a huge collection of hair masks in our store as well as on our website which you can buy at a low price. Here are some of our top-rated hair masks if you are searching to buy one.

Pro Fiber Hair Mask

The Pro Fiber Hair Mask treatment penetrates the hair fibers, strengthening the protective barrier of your hair while sealing and smoothing the cuticle. The Aminosilane in the Pro fiber treatment penetrates the hair’s cuticle and coats the cortex layer to strengthen the hair structure. It basically fills any holes in the hair fibers caused by mechanical or chemical damage. Cationic polymers are also utilized to protect, seal, and smooth the cuticle layer.

☛ Detangles hair.
☛ Gives smooth, silky, and shiny hair.
☛ Repairs hair damage.
☛ Reduces hair split ends and breakage problems.

Tresemme Hair Mask

Your color is an investment you want to have for a long time. Whether you are a fan of the natural look or you love a new stylish color trend, it is important to take care of your colored hair by using products that are mild and matched for your hair. That is why we sell the TRESemme Pro Collection Colour Shineplex hair mask which is part of TRESemmé’s first-ever Sulphate free system

☛ Provides intense nourishment with a higher concentration of conditioning ingredients.

☛ Enriched with camellia oil, known for its regenerative properties that bring out your hair’s natural beauty.

☛ The rich formula gives better coverage of your hair and delivers a long-lasting effect, that helps you get vibrant color and shine for up to 12 weeks without the use of parabens, dyes, or Sulphates.

Hair Mask Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
POWER KNIGHT Pro-Fiber Damaged Hair Recovering Mask ৳ 250
TRESemmé Pro Collection Colour Shineplex Sulphate Free Hair Mask -300 mL ৳ 850
SKINFOOD Argan Oil Silk+ Hair Mask Pack 200g ৳ 1,200
Zafran Hair Mask ৳ 400
The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask ৳ 1550