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The Right Way to Color Hair!

Think about it, if the hair is ripe at a young age, doesn’t it feel bad? You have to listen to the gossip from your friends, and your dreams of a full head of black hair also come crashing down. In keeping with the fashion of the era, there are many variations in hair color.

However, besides girls, many women also use hair color to get rid of gray hair. Therefore, many people use henna on their hair.

Many people are worried about choosing the right hair color. Popular brands include Garnier, Loreal Paris, Wella, and Revlon. You can choose any light or dark hair color according to the skin and hair shade.

If you think the cost of hair color by going to the parlor is high, then do hair color at home. However, some precautions must be taken while applying hair color.
First, ensure the health of your hair. Regular use of hair oil, and proper shampoo conditioning should be a habit. Check for hair loss or dandruff on the scalp.

How to Use Hair Color to Get Better Results

☛ First of all, choose what color to wear and which color goes with you.
☛ Hair should be shampooed beforehand and kept clean.
☛ Wear an old t-shirt or any other old clothing.
☛ If the hair is split, trim the split before it grows.
☛ Before coloring, know as much as possible about the hair type, color, what kind of look you want, and what brand is best.
☛ Try to color yourself or go to the parlor and think many times.
☛ It is best not to shampoo the hair within 72 hours of the first coloring. Because after dyeing, it takes time for the dye or color to sit on the hair.
☛ This requires at least 72 hours. If you shampoo before then, the color will fade or lighten.
☛ Repeated hair color will destroy the natural beauty of the hair, so hair color should be done every few days. Due to hair color, hair becomes extra dry, so regular hair treatment is necessary.

Buy the Best Hair Color by Brand

Define your look by coloring your beautiful hair with Branded hair colors.

Garnier Hair Color

Do you want a hair formula that works? Try the Garnier Color Naturals hair color collection to bring your caramel obsession to your hair. This Garnier hair color’s no-ammonia formula and enhanced color lock technology minimize hair damage and ensure the color lasts up to 10 weeks. In just 30 minutes, you can achieve 100% coverage with this long-lasting hair color!

Loreal Hair Color

Loreal hair color provides magnificent color from root to tip. Discover the finest permanent hair color for your hair type and needs. Purchase Loreal to conceal even the most persistent grays, to achieve fade-defying, luminous depth and dimension, or to make a dramatic statement with fashionable, edgy tones.

Godrej Hair Color

Consider five lovely color shades, each with the grey coverage you’ve always desired. Godrej Hair Color contains 10x aloe vera extract. It’s no surprise that it makes your hair so soft. Even better, this hair color does not include ammonia, so it protects your hair from further damage.

Hair Color Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color 30 Dark Brown ৳ 550
L’Oreal Colorista Dark Purple Permanent Hair Dye Gel ৳ 1,099
Schwarzkopf LIVE Ultra Brights Pretty Pastels Copper Hair Dye Perfect Peach P122 ৳ 1,050
Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Color Burgundy 20.0 gm ৳ 45
Garnier Color Naturals Shade 1 Natural Black ৳ 320