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What is a Day Cream

A day cream, as the name implies, is a cream that is applied to your skin during the day. You may be wondering why there is so much focus on the term day cream and how it benefits your skin more than night cream. Day cream for the face often contains all of the essential components that your skin requires during the day. As a result, it is appropriate for the occasion. Day cream for your face is essentially an alternative that is best applied to your skin when the sun is still shining and left on for a few minutes to work its magic.

What are the Benefits of Using Day Cream

Sun Protection:

Always remember that applying the best day cream with SPF is essential for this variation. The phrase “day cream” refers to creams that include additional features that make them suitable for use during the day, and sun protection is one of the most important additions in this category.

Choosing the best day cream with SPF will not only ensure that it can fight against the odds but will also prevent your skin from any additional sun damage. Typically, the SPF range differs from one brand to the other, and you can choose one based on your daily Sun exposure.


It is critical to remember that your skin requires a lot of hydration, and notably, during the daytime, moisture has the propensity to evaporate quickly due to the environment that we choose. A day cream, on the other hand, will keep your skin hydrated all day and will automatically improve skin quality.

Hydration with a day cream is one of the well-known benefits of using this version, and if you can use it every day, you will notice how it makes your skin seem better than it did before.

Buy the Best Day Cream for Every Skin Type

Oily Skin:

Day cream for oily skin is available. This is ideal if your skin is frequently shiny and produces excess sebum. Oily skin, like dry skin, need hydration. As a result, it’s critical to choose a day cream for oily skin that’s precisely formulated to address your skin concerns. Feel less shiny, greasy, and self-conscious about your skin!

Dry Skin:

If you have dry skin, a day cream for dry skin could be a lifesaver for you. It will moisturize and nourish your skin, removing flakes and dry spots. What you should seek in a day cream for dry skin is one that stimulates sebum production. This is what keeps our skin moisturized, and day creams can aid.

Combination Skin:

Finding the proper skincare products for your skin type can be difficult if you have combination skin. Fortunately, there are day creams designed specifically for mixed skin. Say goodbye to your greasy T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Leave your dry, red cheeks in the dust. Day creams for combination skin will become your new best friend.

Sensitive Skin:

Everybody’s skin reacts differently. Unfortunately, some people have sensitive skin. Your skin may get tight, itchy, or red when you use certain items or go about your daily activities. This is a clear indication that you have sensitive skin. The trick is to find goods that are right for you. The correct day cream can provide extra protection to your skin while remaining non-irritating.

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Day creams are excellent to have in your cosmetics arsenal as a daily moisturizer. Day creams have so many advantages! They provide your skin with a sensation of moisture and nutrition. They facilitate the easy application of cosmetics. They can provide UV ray protection with an SPF rating. Always use a top-notch day cream before leaving the house. Beautysiaa is the number one Beauty & Skin Care Shop in Bangladesh you can buy your desired product from us without any doubt. If you need guidance on using day cream, then you can always contact our dedicated customer care support team for any queries. Garnier Day Cream, Ponds Day Cream, Lakme Day Cream, Lotus Day Cream, Ponds Age Miracle Day Cream, Olay Day Cream, Noble Lady Day Cream, and Dr.rashel Whitening Day Cream are some of the best-selling day creams available in our store right now.

Day Cream Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser 125ml (Sensitive Skin) ৳ 399
Bioderma Photoderm Aquafluide Sunscreen SPF 50+ 40ml ৳ 1850
L’Oreal Paris Wrinkle Expert 45+ Retino Peptides Day Cream – 50ml ৳ 950
Innisfree jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-up Cream- 50ml ৳ 1,650
Garnier Skin Active Essentials Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream 50ml ৳ 800
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream SPF 20/PA+ 50ml ৳ 720
L’Oreal Age Perfect Re-hydrating Day Cream – 50ml ৳ 1450
MISSHA All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++ 70ml ৳ 1199
Nature Republic California Aloe Daily Sun Block SPF50+PA++++ 57ml ৳ 900
Pond’s Age Miracle Youthful Glow Day Cream with SPF 18 PA++ ৳ 950
L’Oreal Revitalift Day Cream-50ml ৳ 1,650