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What is Blush in Makeup & What Does It Really Mean

The word “blush” is derived from the phrase “blushing,” which describes the quick flushing of the cheeks that occurs when the blood flow to the area is enhanced, like when someone is embarrassed. Blush meaning in Bengali “গোলাপী আভা” To even out skin tone or add additional color, blush, also known as rouge, is a form of makeup that is frequently applied to the cheek area of the face with a makeup brush. Although it is frequently found as a powder, it can also be found as creams or liquids. Blush can occasionally be used to prolong or widen the face. Blush is typically found in pink and red hues, but it can also be found in orange, brown, and unusual hues like purple and blue.

Whare to Apply Blush

Blush largely depends on the style you’re looking for. Blush is appropriate when you only want a little bit of color on your cheeks if you’re trying for a natural look. However, you may definitely use extra blush if you’re trying for a more glam look. Really, it just comes down to what you like. Aside from that, you should consider your face shape while applying blush. Because applying blush on the wrong place can make you look even worse!

Oval Face: Apply blush on your cheeks. Aim to position the color directly above the bone rather than into the hollow beneath it to help boost the height of your cheekbone. You can easily locate your cheekbone with your fingers.

Round Face: Avoid using blushers that are pearlized or highly reflective because they reflect light well and make a surface look rounder, which is what we want to avoid. Matte blushers are the ideal option for you. From the ear down the cheekbone and towards the lips, move your blush. To give the impression that your face is longer, add a little blush to the chin and blend it in carefully.

Square Face: Apply your blush just below the cheekbone to assist define your cheekbones, which are the same width as your chin. Your face’s edges will be softer if you apply blush along your hairline.

Heart-Shaped Face: Soften the corners so that your face seems more like an oval because it might sometimes appear pointed. Start by your ear and finish at a place below the outer corner of your eye while applying blush to the outer corner of your cheekbone. To assist balance the breadth of your forehead with the width of your chin, also apply a hint of color by your temples, toward the center of your forehead.

Types of Blush

Cream Blush: Cream blush is a cream product, as the name suggests. There are various forms of cream blush, including sticks, tubes, and pans. Cream blushes are available in individual colours or in blush palettes. It can be applied most effectively with a sponge, your hands, or a stippling makeup brush. It will dry down because it is a cream product. Some solutions require swift blending into the skin since they dry quickly.

Powder Blush: Pressed powder blushes are the most widely used blushes, while loose powder flushes are also offered. With a cosmetic brush, especially a fluffy round or angled brush, powder blushes should be applied. As a result, applying the color evenly and quickly to your entire cheek is made possible. Both blush palettes and standalone blush colors are readily available.

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