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How to Use Eyeliner in 5 Easy Steps

You want to make your eyes look beautiful but sometimes it doesn’t happen anymore. It can be seen, sometimes the safety of the eyeliner is not coming properly, sometimes it is thick, and sometimes it is thin which you don’t want. Due to this even if you want to attend a wedding or a party, it doesn’t happen anymore. Naturally, you will be upset.

The things that are needed for applying eyeliner are:

1) Eyeliner

2) Primer

3) Concealer

4) Eyeliner brush

Before knowing how to use eyeliner, you must know the different types of eyeliner

Types of eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner: Gel eyeliner makes hands tremble less than other eyeliners. It is very dense and dries easily

Liquid Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner is best for creating different shapes on the eyes. It is of two types.

1) One is a small bottle with a liquid liner attached to it while dipping a small brush and

2) The other is a marker-type pen.

Pencil Eyeliner:

This type of eyeliner looks like a pencil. They are available in different shades. Pencil liners can usually be used on the upper and lower eyelids. The pencil liner smudges easily.

How to apply eyeliner to eyes

Let’s take a look at it in a few steps.

Step 1: Prepare your eyes

This is the first step in laying down and is the most important step. After cleansing your face, apply a facial moisturizer and an eye cream around the eyes. This cream will help cover your eye wrinkles and discoloration around the eyes.

Step 2: Start with a clean base

To create a smooth and clear base, first apply a small amount of primer to the eyelids, under the eyes, and around the eyes as much as the eye makeup. Because the main function of this primer is to make the skin smoother so that makeup is easier to apply. It helps make the makeup very perfect and makes the makeup last longer.

Apply concealer above and below the eyelid. Blend it well and set the concealer with a setting powder over it.

Step 3: Draw the line perfectly on the eyelid

Now the next thing we will do is apply eyeliner to the eyelids. You can use the brush that came with your eyeliner or buy a new one.

Start drawing a line from the top of your eyelid. You must start with small lines and strokes. Small strokes will give your eyes a beautiful finish. If you go to draw the whole line at once, the liner will be too thick on the eyes and will look very strange. So it is better to draw lines with small strokes. Now once the eyeliner is done on the first eye and you are satisfied with it apply the same on the upper eye. Try to keep the eyeliner on both eyes the same. This way you can apply eyeliner to your eyes in very easy steps.

Step 5: Completing the Look

After you have successfully winged out your liner you can draw your bottom liner with kajal. Now complete your makeup by applying mascara on the eyelids.

Here are some more tips for applying eyeliner: Follow the tips below.

>Rest your elbow on something to prevent it from shaking while applying eyeliner. Then the eyeliner will be well applied and smooth.

>You use a makeup mirror. This mirror will help you the most. It has two types of mirrors. One side has a normal mirror and the other side has a toughened mirror. I find the Atash mirror to be the best to use because it makes everything look bigger and closer than a regular mirror, giving you a perfect and smooth finish.

>Always try to look down while applying eyeliner, because if you apply eyeliner looking up, your liner shape will be ruined.

>Never pull the eyelid while making the wing. It will destroy your wings. Apply eyeliner with small strokes without pulling the skin.

>If you still can’t, you can use the card to draw a wing under the eye.

>Also, tapes can be used for this.

The first time may be a little difficult. But later when you practice again and again it will become easy and you will get your desired eye design.

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