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What is Lipstick

Lipstick is a sort of cosmetic product that is applied to the lips to improve the appearance of the face. It contains various colors, oils, waxes, and emollients. Lipstick can be of different types.

Common Types of Lipsticks

Sheer Lipstick: If your lips are dry for whatever reason, sheer lipstick is an excellent option. The sheer can hydrate your lips while also adding gloss and luster.  This will be a noticeable lipstick, but you must be cautious about the hue you choose. For some reason, sheer lipsticks usually appear darker in the packaging than they do when applied. Make sure you select the appropriate color for the occasion.

Creme Lipstick: Cream lipstick has a much more understated, matte appearance.  Although cream lipstick isn’t sparkly, it will look lovely and smooth as a lip covering. Cream lipsticks can protect the lips, but they don’t really do anything to moisturize the lips.  The recipe for the cream lipstick resembles wax.  Your lips will act as a barrier against the elements thanks to the wax. Cream lipsticks are fashionable and come in a variety of designs.

Gloss Lipstick: Compared to cream lipstick, gloss lipstick will be more noticeable. Your lips will appear larger than they are if you add gloss to them. Gloss lipstick might be a perfect fit for women with very small lips. Some women will apply gloss lipstick on top of cream lipstick. This combination might assist you in achieving the ideal balance of intensity and color. You’ll probably wind up having more than one kind of lipstick in your makeup bag. To achieve the right look, having some color, shine, and style adaptability are essential.

Matte Lipstick: Sometimes a matte finish lipstick is what you want if you want to look contemporary. The matte is exactly as its name implies; it is neither shiny nor glossy. A matte lipstick will give you a very flat appearance, yet they are available in many shades. Even though matte lipsticks don’t shine, they nonetheless have a very bold appearance. There are numerous matte-style lipsticks that contain moisturizers as well. These could appear slightly glossier than a genuine matte.

Frosted Lipstick: If you want your lips to dazzle and shine, frosted lipstick is the finest option for you. A frosted lipstick will not only shine, but it will also most likely include sparkles in it. This style of lipstick is better for a night out on the town than lipstick you would wear to work during the day. Because this is meant to be dazzling and shiny, you may need to reapply frequently. If you are eating or talking a lot, you will lose some of the impact and effect of the frosted look.

Lip Tint: Lip tint is comparable to lip stain and is chosen by those who do not want to be bothered with reapplying and spending time on their lipstick. The lip tint is easy to apply, comes in a variety of hues, and can make your lips appear amazing with less effort. Because lip tint is typically a thinner, less bold substance, it does not do the best job of long-term lip moisturization. If you have dry lips, you may need to add a nourishing lip gloss on top of the tint.

How To Make Lipstick Last Longer

Everyone wants lipstick to last longer and look like it’s just been applied. But many actually face the problem of lipstick fading. Here are some tricks to keep your lipstick looking like new all day long.

☛ To make your lipstick last longer, you must exfoliate the dead skin before applying lipstick on the lips. Apply lip balm and then lipstick after scrubbing the lips.

☛ Line your lips with a lip liner and apply it to the entire lips as well. This will make the lipstick adhere to the liner and make it last longer. This method will also make the lips look thicker.

☛ Apply a good lip primer before applying lipstick. This is an important step. This can come in handy especially if there is an event to attend. If you want, you can use foundation instead of primer. It will also work.

☛ After applying the lipstick, dab a tissue between your lips and then gently apply some pressed powder with a fluffy brush. Finally, apply another coat of lip color and repeat the process one more time for durability.

☛ Don’t compromise on the quality of your lipstick. Use a good brand of lipstick regularly as the product goes directly to your lips. Go for those liquid lipsticks or bullet lipsticks you use that have longer wear.

Best Lipstick Brand In Bangladesh

1) MAC

Mac is the best choice ever if you want to look attractive or dress yourself up like a model. It is one of the most recognized brands in the cosmetics world and quite expensive as well.

Mac is high and the best quality. It is commonly seen applied to film stars, models, celebrities, and upper-class women. Every year MAC introduces new shades for the fashionista’s lip color

Mac Lipstick Price In Bangladesh

Product Name Price
M.A.C Satin Lipstick Mocha ৳ 2000

2) OG

OG is a good quality lipstick. It is available in many shades and every shade will make you attractive.

OG Lipsticks Price

OG Matte Lipsticks ৳ 505

3) Absolute New York

Do you want to see yourself as much more attractive? Then Absolute New York lipsticks are for you.

Absolute New York lipsticks price

Absolute New York Supreme Slim Demi Matte Lipstick ৳ 550

4) Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution lipsticks are long-lasting and will make you attractive.

Makeup Revolution Price In Bangladesh

Makeup Revolution Supreme Matte Lip Pigment ৳ 300
Makeup Revolution Muse 126 Matte Lipstick ৳ 575
Makeup Revolution Gone Rogue 124 Matte Lipstick ৳ 1450

5) Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild was founded in 1979. This is a good lipstick in a low price range.

Wet n Wild Lipstick Price in Bangladesh

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick ৳ 450

6) W7

Whether you love a creamy texture or a matte finish, W7 has a wide range of classic lipsticks, colors, and stains for you to enjoy.

W7 lipstick Price

W7 Better to Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick Gift Set ৳ 550

7) Beauty Beauty Liquid Lipstick has high Pigmentation that won’t smudge, budge, fade or transfer. lipstick price in Bangladesh

J.Cat Beauty Lipfinity Matte Lip Kissproof Liquid Lipstick ৳ 435

8) Milani

Start a lip color love affair with bold Milani lipsticks. Their collection features liquid lipsticks, lip cremes, lip plumpers, and traditional tube lipsticks that can deliver serious pigmentation and supercharged staying power.

Milani lipstick price in Bangladesh

MILANI Amore Matte Lip Creme ৳ 850

9) Nicka K

Experience pure, saturated color with the Nickia K Makeup Lipstick with Vitamin E. Featuring a satiny semi-matte finish, their long-wearing lipstick is available in a wide range of brilliant, high-intensity hues.

Nicka K lipstick price

Nicka K True Matte Lip Gloss  ৳ 345

10) Technic

Create that perfect pout every time with Technic’s gorgeous range of lip products

Technic Lipstick Price

Technic Nude Edition Liquid Lipstick ৳ 200