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What is Hair Gel

Hair Gel is an essential cosmetic for stylish and fashionable boys. There is no substitute for hair gel to make boys’ hair stylish. Bangladesh has the largest and most affordable collection of hair gel online. You can buy high-quality boy’s hair gels, creams, sprays, and hair wax at low prices from Beautysiaa.

Hair gel plays an important role in keeping your hair healthy, beautiful, and soft as well as giving it a stylish look. Beautysiaa online shopping mall has hair gels from various famous domestic and foreign brands. Buy original products from all your favorite brands including Gatsby, Alberto Balsam, Neutrogena, Brylcreem, Set Wet, Enliven, Garnier, Park Avenue, Nova, and Axe.

Rules For Using Hair Gel

Hair gel can be counterproductive if not used properly. And so you need to know the proper use of gel. So without talking let’s know the correct rules.

Choosing the Right Gel

Whatever cosmetics you use, first know whether it is compatible with your skin or physical condition. Hair gels are usually selected depending on your hair and your needs. However, color or smell does not affect its quality.

For Hair Style

☛ Light Fixing- It has a smoothing effect on the hair. This type of hair gel keeps the hair natural and does not clog the strands.

☛ Flexible Fixing- These are good for unruly hair.

☛ Medium hold- This type of hair gel is for those whose hair is completely dry and does not want to fall down.

☛ Strong Hold- These are used by hairdressers to hold the hairstyle for several hours.

☛ Extra Strong Fixing- This type of gel is for long hair and complex styling. They are mostly used for catwalks and wedding events.

Clean the Hair Well

Make sure the hair is clean before using hair gel or spray. Also, styling is easy with gel on clean hair. First shampoo well and condition normally. Now wipe the hair thoroughly with a dry and clean towel.

Apply Hair Gel

Take a small amount of the gel on the fingertips, rub it with both hands and apply it to the hair. Be careful not to touch the scalp. Run your fingers through the hair. Not like massaging the head. Also, keep in mind that as long as you don’t wash your hair with water, it stays in your hair. So use in moderation rather than overuse.

Style The Hair

Most hair gels contain alcohol so they dry quickly. You can manipulate it as long as it is wet. Once dry it will harden. So style the hair while applying the gel. You can use a comb if you want.

Hair Gel Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Brylcreem Original Nourishing Styling Cream ৳ 625
Studio X Ultimate Hold Hair Gel ৳ 140
Gatsby Wg Watergloss Hyper Solid ৳ 200