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Easy Way To Use Lip Crayon In Just Three Steps

You may be surprised by the title of the article. Wondering what lip crayon is all about. For which you need to know so many tips. Choose a color you like and rub it on your lips and you’re done. right? So what? Think about it once. If it’s so easy, why do you watch makeup tutorials all day long? Are you in any way less than a model? Everything has a bit of a twist. Learning them will be useful for you in the future.

☛ First, put a dot of lip balm on the lips. Then blend the dots gently with the lips. Applying lip balm will give a soft feel to the lips and make lip lines invisible.

☛ Choose a color lip liner that is close to your lip color. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a lip liner that matches the color of the lip crayon. Dot the lip liner as you did with the lip balm. Then lightly draw an outline on those dots.

☛ After lip balm and lip liner, it’s lip crayon’s turn. First, apply the lip crayon in the center of the upper lip and move outwards from there. Apply the same on the lower lips. Sometimes the lip crayon gets stuck on the teeth. Lip crayon also comes off when drinking water or other drinks. For that, take tissue paper and apply some powder to it. Now fold it and place it between the two lips and gently press it with the lips.

Reasons for Buying Lip Crayon

There are an infinite number of lipsticks on the market, and playing with them is a lot of fun. Lip crayons have recently joined the beauty industry and are causing quite a stir.

Longer Shelf Life: Lip crayons last far longer than typical lipstick formulations. Lip crayons, as previously said, are a hybrid of a lip liner, lipstick, and lip balm. They have a lot of colors. Even if you eat a big meal while wearing the lip crayon, you will have a stain on your lips. So, while the color may fade slightly, it will not completely disappear.

Can Be Used As a Layer: Apply a lip crayon under your lipstick or lip gloss to achieve a deep color on your lips. Lip crayons are highly pigmented and have a long wear time. When used for layering, they can produce a really lovely color that lasts a long time.

No Dry Lips: Lip crayons, especially matte versions, are much smoother than conventional lipsticks. They typically contain moisturizing components such as vitamin E and shea butter, which promise to keep your lips smooth and supple all day. You won’t feel the dryness on your lips even if you reapply a lip crayon.

Use Lip Crayons Without A Sharpener: When you have a lip crayon in your makeup bag, you don’t have to bother about sharpening the tip again. The application is exact. Simply twist the crayon to use it. It really is that simple!

Lip crayons can be used to tint the cheeks: Lip crayons are incredibly delicate and blendable. They also make an excellent cheek tint. If you don’t have a blush palette, you can achieve the same effect using a lip crayon. Simply dab some on the apples of your cheeks and mix with your fingers or a beauty sponge.

Easy to Apply: With a lip crayon, you can achieve the ideal pout in no time. If you have a lip crayon, you don’t need to carry your lip liner and lip balm separately. You may easily line and fill in your lips using the tip of the crayon. Because the consistency is so smooth, no lip balm is required.

Budget-Friendly: Lip crayons are significantly less expensive than lipsticks or tints. An excellent quality lip crayon can be purchased for as little as Rs. 250. The nicest feature is that they last longer than traditional lipsticks. A small amount of the stuff goes a long way.

Lip Crayon Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Makeup Revolution Velvet Kiss Lip Crayon ৳ 450