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How to Use Hair Serum

Applying hair serum to soaking wet hair is the most efficient way to utilize it. Wet hair makes it easier for the serum to spread evenly throughout your strands. Following a shower is the ideal time to apply serum because your hair will be clean, damp, and free of excess product.

A little hair serum goes a long way when applying it. One pump of serum is usually enough to start. Apply it equally to the remainder of your hair after evenly applying it to the ends. To prevent your hair from seeming greasy, avoid putting serum immediately on your roots.

You must use the proper serum for your hair type in order to get the most benefit from it. Find out which serum to use to get all the gloss and none of the frizz, regardless of your hair’s texture—straight, curly, thick, fine, or anything in between.

Livon Hair Serum Price in BD

The packaging for Livon Serum is made of cardboard and is white and pink. It is printed with all the necessary information. In a transparent plastic bottle with a pink flip-top cap, the real product is packaged. Without worrying about spilling or leaking, the bottle is portable and can be carried around. People with extremely thin, frizzy hair should carry it with them wherever they go.

The hair serum recipe is thin and gel-like, but it is quite light and does not weigh down your hair! It contains silicones and feels incredibly smooth and light on the hair. The aroma is incredibly calming, and you will like using it! When you apply it to your hair, it smells fantastic! Simply apply a small amount to the lengths of your damp hair after showering to make your hair silky, smooth, and tangle-free! It adds a little shine to the hair! It contains vitamin E and argan oil, which smoothes and detangles hair. Do not apply it to your scalp as it may promote dandruff or weigh down your hair!

Hair Serum Benefits

Regular shampooing is necessary to clean the scalp and hair. Conditioner should also be used after shampooing. It forms a coating on the hair which provides protection to the hair. But it cannot bring back the frizziness of the hair or the lost shine. To do this you need to take the help of hair serum. Be sure to use a hair serum after shampooing to give an instant shine to dull hair.

The popularity of hair serums in the beauty world is now at its peak. Using hair serum after shampooing gives shine to the hair. Hair becomes smooth instantly. Moreover, many people get tangled in their hair after shampooing. Then combing the hair causes tension on the head and the hair is torn. But if you use hair serum on wet hair, you will never have to face this problem.

Hair serums are usually available in oil form. A drop or two is enough for the hair. Excessive use of hair serum can make hair feel greasy. Similarly, don’t forget to use hair serum on the scalp. Use on hair only. Using too much serum on the scalp can damage your hair. So use a serum with care in this regard.

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Hair Serum Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
MamaEarth Onion Hair Serum For Silky & Smooth Hair 100 ml ৳ 765
MISE EN SCENE Perfect Coco Water Serum 80ml ৳ 1,200
Paxmoly Collagen Extra Repair Hair Serum ৳ 650
Livon Hair Serum ৳ 400
Steax Hair Serum ৳ 450