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Shower gels are essentially thick liquid soaps with a jelly-like consistency. We typically apply this to the skin on our bodies. The shower gels are of the watery variety, producing copious amounts of lather and a mild scent.

Advantages of Shower Cream & Gel

1) Properly exfoliates the body

The shower gel’s exfoliating components aid in properly cleaning off the skin’s dead cells.

2) Can be used in place of products for bubble baths

Shower gel can be used in place of bubble bath products if you don’t have any on hand. which will make you feel incredibly at ease and comfort.

3) A blend of vitamins, fragrances, and essential oils

The shower gel also includes vitamins for the skin and essential oils in addition to the fragrance. which are unusually absent from a typical bar soap.

4) Maintainable health and hygiene

One time only use of shower gel. The bottle can be used safely by upholding hygiene because it is beautifully stored in a hygienic way.

5) Aids in providing the skin with a cooling and soothing sensation

After showering, your skin will feel very comfortable and reviving due to the shower gel’s use of a variety of oils and fragrances.

Shower gel usage guidelines?

Those who have never used shower gels before frequently don’t know how to use them. However, they are very straightforward. The guidelines for using shower gel are just as straightforward as the ones we follow when taking our daily baths. Please describe the steps.

Step 1: Fill up a bathing tub with enough water. The water shouldn’t be too hot, so check. Our skin can become dry if we use hot water excessively.

Step 2: Next, begin by washing your hair. Use shampoo, conditioner, or whatever else you need to thoroughly clean your hair before using shower gel to thoroughly clean your body.

Step 3: Apply two to three teaspoons of shower gel to a clean cloth, loofah, or sponge that has been previously used. Next, create a foam well.

Step 4: Scrub your hands, throat, and entire body in a circular motion.

Step 5: Wash your body thoroughly in lukewarm water as your final step.

However, those who prefer to take their showers in the bathtub can fill it with water and then lather it with three to four spoons of shower gel. Alternatively, you can add a little more as necessary.

Shower Gel & Cream Price In Bangladesh

Product Name Price
The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel ৳ 780
Missha Hot Burning Body Gel 200ml ৳ 975