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What Exactly is Kajal in Eye Makeup?

For decades, Kajal has set the standard for eye makeup. The only difference is that these materials are used in everyday clothing. The focal point of eye makeup will always be kajal. During festivals, its value skyrockets. Kajal will look good in any outfit. Check the quality of kajal before purchasing. Because this ingredient is in close proximity to the eyes. If you remember the rules, applying kajal takes less time. Makeup for the eyes is also recommended.

Tips for Applying Kajal Eye Makeup

You can use waterproof kajal, but it will spread if you don’t use it.
Eye makeup should be removed before sleeping. Keeping Kajol on for a long time can cause dark spots under the eyes. Because it contains chemicals. Apply non-alcoholic eye makeup remover to a cotton pad to clean the eyes. Apply black eyeshadow after applying kajal. This way, there will be no fear of disease spreading beyond the specified area. Eyeliner during the day will not look good. During the day, only kajal and mascara are enough for the eyes. Those who have big eyes should not apply kajal under the eyes. If you want the kajal to look thicker and darker under the eyes, blend the kajal with the same color shade. Kajal would be better if not worn with European clothes.

How to Apply Kajal

Step-1: Use ice on the eyes first. Take 2/3 piece of ice in a thin cloth and gently massage around the eyes for 2 minutes. Then wipe the water around the eyes with a tissue.

Step-2:  A good moisturizer must be used for skin or eye makeup. In this case, care should be taken when using the eyes so that the cream does not go inside the eyes. In addition, the cream around the eyes should be massaged with light hands.

Step-3: If you’re using kajal, apply it to the water line. This will not spread the kajal. Applying kajal outside the waterline or in the corners of the eyes can spread easily.

Step-4: Use waterproof eye kajal and eyeliner. By doing this, there will be no fear of easily spreading kajal or liner. Also, the kajal will stay good for a long time. If you want to keep your kohl looking better, use powder. After applying kajal, lightly apply eye powder. Then brush off the extra powder. Kajal will not spread in it.

Step-5: Good-quality kajal should be used. Because in many cases, the less expensive Kajals spread easily if all the rules are followed. So in this case, you can buy good quality kajal by spending a little more money. Then it won’t spread easily. You can use smudge-proof kajal.

Also, after applying kajal to the eyes, frequent touching of the eyes should be avoided. If you touch your eyes repeatedly, there is a risk of damaging the kajal.

Kajal Price in Bangladesh

Product Name Price
Essence Kajal Pencil Eyeliner ৳ 190
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner Nude ৳ 280